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SiliconSky GPS works with senior technical directors and product management representing a wide variety of GPS applications. Whether you are working with handheld devices, in-car navigation, asset tracking, child safety, mining, agriculture or military, we provide comprehensive engineering services that allow your products to successfully integrate and deliver GPS.

System Design

Whether you're building a GPS engine or "whole" product, we can guide you on the shortest, surest path from concept to product release. Our core talents in this area include frequency plan design, link budgets, Gain/Noise Figure analysis and circuit topology.

Circuit/RFIC Development

Rely on us to build your RF front end using discrete components,
off-the-shelf ICs or full custom RFIC design. Our services incorporate schematic capture, circuit simulation, PCB layout and prototyping.
IC designs are done using Cadence tool flow.

GPS Integration

Integrating GPS into a product requires a global system perspective to achieve harmonious interoperation of subsystems. We identify and design-in the appropriate solutions that allow your products to seamlessly integrate GPS.

We provide antenna selection and board level design or module interfacing utilizing the current, most advanced GPS technologies from companies like Global Locate, SiRF, Thales or Trimble, or a custom hybrid. We believe in identifying potential problem areas in new and existing designs before they become costly stumbling blocks.

Interference Diagnostics & Mitigation

We have extensive capabilities in identifying sources of performance degradation. These include intentional or unintentional interference or self-jammers in new or legacy designs. We can provide a number of options for eliminating the interference or mitigating its effect.

Test Development

We provide custom test methodologies that allow our customers to effectively test their GPS products with high confidence results. We work with and/or manage your test vendor during test development.