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SiliconSky GPS Company Values

Our company is founded on a simple premise:

Build relationships with honesty and integrity.
Work very hard.
Deliver quality design.

Lab, Design Tools, Technical Skills & Equipment Experience

  • Laboratory experience with network analyzers, RF/audio spectrum analyzers, analog/digitizing oscilloscopes, antennas, noise figure meters, signal generator, emulators, logic analyzers, spectroradiometer, GPIB, other lab equipment
  • Lab includes spectrum analyzer, digitizing oscilloscope, signal generator, logic analyzer, rework station, power supplies
  • Experienced with HP Touchstone, SPICE, Excel, Matlab, MathCAD, PCAD, OrCad, ASK/MANMAN, Cadence Virtuoso
  • Excellent and efficient project planning and management
  • Programming experience with C, PASCAL, BASIC, Z-80 assembly and FORTRAN languages

Scalable, Technical Talent

SiliconSky GPS provides GPS product companies with the ability to quickly and dynamically scale their in-house engineering capabilities. Our team is made up of high caliber, tenured engineers and technologists from the GPS industry. As a group, we have successfully designed and engineered products for the world's most influential GPS product manufacturers. Whether you need one designer or a team, we can support you.


IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

ION: Institute of Navigation